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A green recovery after COVID-19



The impacts of the pandemic, while still acute in several countries, open an opportunity for countries to build back better by accelerating the energy transition. Clean energy can support health, agriculture, businesses and bridge the digital divide — enabling children to access online schooling. It is also an engine for job creation.

The CIP puts forward an integrated response by supporting countries to attract the public and private funds they need for their green recovery. 

Energy Transition 

Global efforts to reduce and mitigate climate change will require significant changes in the way energy is produced and consumed. A shift towards renewable energy sources and improvements in energy efficiency are the key components of the energy transition​.

The Platform delivers services along four tracks to cover the entire clean energy investment chain. 


Track 1

Helping countries develop ambitious clean energy goals in NDCs

Current Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs) recognise the need to invest in renewables and energy efficiency. Still, many NDCs presented by countries do not include specific and quantified energy targets or actionable work plans, and many of those that do are limited in scope and ambition.

We deliver hands-on technical assistance to help countries formulate clean energy targets that translate into viable investment plans. 

track 2
Policies and Regulations


Transparent, clear and long-term policies and regulations for clean energy investments to commercial capital at scale

The Climate Investment Platform aims to declutter and streamline the current policy support space as a one-stop shop for clean energy policies.


Our network of policy and technical experts guides client countries at every step, from designing to implementing to enforcing effective, sustainable energy policies tailored to national priorities, targets, and needs.

track 3

Increased access to risk transfer instruments to ensure bankability of clean energy investments and crowd in private sector capital

Declutter the overall space for access to risk-transfer and risk mitigation products through: 

  • Facilitation for access to risk transfer/mitigation instruments and preparation funding

  • Capacity building on relevant topics and geographical areas to help clients understand better the risks they might face and the most appropriate mitigation solutions. 

  • A direct offering of project preparation assistance and de-risking instruments by Network of Partners

track 4

Clean energy investments, deal making, match making project sponsors with investors 

The Marketplace will primarily serve as an online matchmaking platform, connecting public and private project proponents with their potential financial and commercial partners. Some activities include:

  • Matching of projects with financial instruments and project services. 

  • Access to expert advice, tools and standardized due diligence processes to help strengthen project proposals, as well as to minimize time and costs to achieve financial close

Sustainable Energy
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