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Thomas Jensen Energy Transition Award to unlock finance for clean energy access in the SIDS

The Climate Investment Platform's call for proposal received over 80 project proposals from 20 countries. Ten projects from nine SIDS countries were selected to receive the award named in honour of UNDP's late Thomas Jensen.

Thomas was a respected regional and global authority on energy policy matters through his work during his two-decade long career in the Pacific. UNDP's dynamic and vibrant portfolio of projects and programmes on energy and climate change in the region exists due to his commitment and drive. Thomas was of the practical kind, getting down to business, interested in solving problems, making life better for other people. Selecting the projects for this call proposal was one of the very last things Thomas did.

The call for proposal was launched to help unlock finance for last-mile energy access to some of the world's most remote communities, something Thomas tirelessly did throughout his career. Of the ten selected projects, two are from the public sector, three are public-private partnerships, and five are from the private sector. They cover a range of clean energy solutions such as mini-grids, waste-to-energy, mini-hydro, and solar street lighting.

The selected projects will receive technical assistance for amounts between $30,000 - $80,000 for project development and design, depending on the size and nature of the project idea. In addition, the technical assistance will support elements such as pre-feasibility studies, assessment of business models and financial structure, and identification of potential project partners, investors, and financiers.

The platform will highlight the details of Thomas Jensen Energy Transition Award recipients and their projects s in the coming weeks.

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